Friday, September 23, 2016

Our Customers Love Their Genealogy Charts

We love creating genealogy and family history charts for your families and we absolutely love it when our Family ChartMasters customers share how pleased they are! Here are some of our most recent happy emails from our customers....

From Lesley who presented the chart at a 50th anniversary: "...I never go back to you after our family get together to let you know how well the chart was received. You did a fantastic job and everyone loved, loved the chart!"

From Teresa who gave a chart as a gift to her parents: "Here's a photo of my parents with their chart.  I posted it on FB and got so many compliments; several asked where I'd gotten it done so I passed along your info.  My parents were thrilled with their gift and it generated a lot of discussion at our family gathering.  Thanks very much for such a fine job, especially under tight time constraints."

Susan decorated for a family reunion: [When she received the chart] "I am so pleased with the 12 generation ancestor chart color coded! It is spectacular. I can't wait to show the family…[After the event], “All generations and even the staff at the hotel enjoyed the charts.”

Maureen took her chart all the way to Europe to share with her family: "To say the Cannon Wall Chart was a huge success is truly an understatement. They loved it! They were amazed I had so much information about them. The little ones were delighted to see a photo of themselves… Many thanks for your wonderful work and service in providing such a splendid gift for me to share with my Irish cousins….Everyone who has seen my chart is so impressed."

Family ChartMasters would love to create a chart for your next big family event or for gift-giving in the upcoming holidays.  Check out our chart gallery or upload your file here for a free family history chart consultation.

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