Sunday, June 3, 2018

Scenes from #SCGS2018

We love the Southern California Genealogy Society conference.  We've gone to this conference every year for over a decade from the time our children were little and we drove down with the whole family for an extended vacation, through their teenage years when I got to bring each of them individually to work for us an visit their favorite sites, to this year when Erin came down early so that I could stay for our youngest child's high school graduation.  We love this conference and the people here are like family.

Each year we take a short tour of the family history sites on my Mother's side, Naylor Avenue in Westchester, the Santa Monica Pier and 1433 5th Street, and the Los Angeles LDS temple.  SCGS Jamboree is both a family history conference with my genealogy family and a family history trip with my family family. 

This year again was a sweet trip, coming in a day late, I felt like I had come home.  One of our favorite moments was when Paul VanDenBrink brought in the chart we printed him several years ago, all marked up and well loved.  It's great to see he's used it perfectly and found more information.  We have several families from SCGS that need new charts this year and we are honored to help. 

Another favorite moment was when I rented a convertible to take Erin and Maureen Taylor out to dinner in Malibu.  We've come to this conference during the years we struggled to pay the hotel bill while we were still trying to get the company up and running.  And now it's nice to be here when I have the resources to treat our wonderful Erin and our great friend Maureen out to a Malibu Barbie night. 

Here are some scenes from the conference that I managed to capture in one of the quieter moments.  Keep up the great work SCGS Jamboree team.  We really appreciate your dedication and the fabulous conference you put on. 

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