Tuesday, February 19, 2019

RootsTech Specials

RootsTech Specials

If you live on our planet, I'm sure you've heard about the RootsTech conference coming up.  This is our first conference of the year and a wonderful time for us to roll out new ideas, and show off everything we do.  I hope we'll see you there.  Here are some of the amazing deals we have for you when you come visit with us:

1) Fill in the Blank Charts for only $10 ($27.95 value).  That's almost 2/3 off the regular price.  Check out all of the new 2019 styles we just launched and there might even be a few new designs special for RootsTech. 

2) Coupon For A Free Extra Copy.  Visit with one of our designers and receive a coupon for a free extra copy of any working or decorative chart you create with us by September 2019.  Our designers can help you figure out how to best display your family history research and impress your family with the amazing history you have. 

3) Buy One Get Two Free DNA Ethnicity Chart Gift Certificates.  
RootsTech Speaker
Come find us right at the front of the hall with all of the DNA testing companies.  We can now support the ethnicity estimates for MyHeritage, Ancestry.com, and 23 and Me.  Wouldn't it be fun to show off how your ethnicity looks in all three databases?  The gift certificate sets will be available for .pdf ($20), Professional Paper ($50) and Canvas Giclee ($100).  Show off your ethnicity or give them to friends as gifts.  

I'm also speaking on Thursday at 3 on "Heirloom, Documentation or Junk: What to Keep or Toss" and then again on Friday at 4:40 on "Beautiful New 2019 Trends for Displaying Your Family History"  We love to chat with our clients about charts, and genealogy, and their family history.  I hope you can join us.  

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