Monday, September 21, 2020

Holiday 2020 Deadlines

Due to Covid 19, shipping has changed drastically (for everyone). There aren't as many planes flying, and that backs things up. Shipping companies are doing their best to get mail and packages out, but it is taking longer to get our packages to you. We cannot guarantee shipping times like we used to. Last minute gifts will be hard this year.

Which means...

We are announcing our Holiday Deadlines!

We want to have as much time as possible to work with you to create a perfect chart for you and your family. Please submit any holiday orders as soon as possible! The deadline for custom decorative charts is November 15th. If ordered after that, we can only send a preview to share with your family for the holidays.

We wish we could guarantee shipping, but if we have an early holiday deadline, that means we can give you enough time to create the perfect holiday gift for you and yours. So send us your files now!

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