Monday, March 24, 2008

Advice for writing a blog.

I took the opportunity this weekend at the Logan Family History Expo to ask a few people I admire about how to write a good blog. I am so lucky to be able to work with these great people.

Dear Myrtle's Pat Richley said to "just be yourself." I appreciate her wisdom because I think that putting a blog out for the world to see makes one automatically want to arrange things in how to impress people. Sometimes I think it might not be so good to put what I'm thinking out on the internet for everyone to judge. But if that is the case, so be it. Who else am I supposed to be anyway? I'm sure you would be able to see through it if I try to fake something else.

Arlene Eakle echoed Myrt's sentiments in that I needed to "find my voice." I suppose that may take a while, but I suspect in the end, it will be centered in how important I think Family History is, and how vitally important I feel it is to pass your family's history down to the rising generation. It brings a great power into your life. That is why I'm here doing this every day--for the influence it will have on my children, and for the influence it will have hopefully on yours. And while I'm sure it will be sprinkled with the research slant of my librarian background, and life running a genealogy business, I hope most of what I can do is help you center yourself, and inspire the next generation. The world needs more people who know who they are, and have the strength and fortitude to be true to themselves.

Thank you Pat and Arlene for the great advice and influence you have on me.

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DearMYRTLE said...

Your blog is sure coming along nicely, kiddo. Thanks for the kind remarks! -- Myrt :)