Thursday, March 20, 2008

Into the Blogosphere

Maybe it was the vibes at the BYU conferences last week, or maybe I just like to write. I spent the Affilates Conference, the Technology Conference, and then the Computerized Genealogy Conference talking to Dear Myrtle, Leland Meitzler, the guys from Legacy/Millennia Corp, Renee Zamora, Rick Crume, getting to meet Mark Tucker, etc. With company like that, it was inevitable that I would start a blog. There are alot of good people writing genealogy blogs. If nothing else, this blog will give me an excuse to consistently read theirs.

But I'd have to give the credit for the final push to Mike Booth and Bruce Buzbee of RootsMagic. Apparently they think I have something worth listening to. I love going to conferences and talking with all the people we get to see there. And I miss everyone when we have a break from the conferences. I want to get more active in the blogosphere so I can enjoy those conversations all the time.

I love the people I get to work with in this business. Genealogists are the greatest people around.
So let's start with what we do at Generation Maps. That is something I know a lot about. By way of introduction-a little advertising-because this is who I am and what our company does. And then we'll move on. Generation Maps is all about getting your genealogy off the computer screen and out where you can see what is going on in the overall picture. And we are all about making that as easy as possible. We take care of all the formatting and printing needs. You just send us any genealogy computer file and tell us how you want your chart to look, and we put it together and print it for you.

We develop your genealogy into working charts (big inexpensive family reunion type charts to write on and see the big picture with) and/or decorative charts (frame sized charts with online approval so that they are perfect on your wall.) We also print charts you create with any genealogy charting program. We print on 6 different papers in archival or non-archival inks. Any kind of chart you can dream up we can do.

And in our partnership as an affiliate of the LDS church, we can also print any kind of chart out of the New FamilySearch database. More on that later.

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