Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Crowning Glory--5th Carnival of Images

I'm learning quite a bit about the history of my own life (besides exploring my family's history)by participating in these blog carnivals. I'm thankful my Mom is helpful enough to be my co-conspirator. She suggested this picture for the "Crowning Glory" theme. Apparently, when she took me to the local drug store for a picture for my 4th birthday, she wanted to pull my hair back into ponytails or a bun like she usually did. I didn't know until today, that I threw a 4-year-old fit and wanted my hair down. She was worried about how it would look, but now this is one of her favorite pictures. She says my hair really was my "crowning glory" and this about the only picture we have of it down. I guess I'll have to listen to my kids more. My children thank you, Footnote Maven, for hosting the Carnival of Images.


footnoteMaven said...

You are so welcome, and so beautiful!

Now that truly is "Crowning Glory" in its most perfect sense.

Miss our chats.


Janet Hovorka said...

Isn't it hilarious that this sweet little girl just threw a fit to her Mom? I never knew that about this picture. Gives you perspective on life doesn't it?

I'm available anytime to chat. I love talking to you too. And we have reservations at the Davenport hotel for WSGS next year. Can't wait.

Elizabeth O'Neal said...

What beautiful hair you had! You (and your mother) made the right decision for this picture!


Anonymous said...

How lucky you (and we) are to have that picture. I'm so glad you pitched your fit and won! (and glad my boys don't read these blogs...) Your beautiful blond locks certainly were your Crowning Glory. I am also grateful for these Blog Carnivals for making me take a closer look at so many topics!

Sheri Fenley said...

I think that this picture of you might look great in the Monsignor's "Saint of the Week" hat. It is the essence of purity and innocence. Beautiful photo.

Thank you for your kind words on my blog. I have a project that I am ready to chart and will be talking to you soon!

Sheri Fenley