Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Genealinspired--Tenacity and the Field of Dreams.

Another Genealinspired story from Marlo and Leanna Schuldt.

Our children and grandchildren need encouragement and direction to achieve their full potential. They will benefit from experienced and trusted role models to guide them forward. We need to teach them about the ingredients necessary for success in any endeavor – tenacity and hope. The following true story provides the perfect example.
In 1950, thirty-five year old Esbern Baadsgaard, his wife Mary Christensen and their four children were living at Lakeshore, Utah. Economic times were hard making it difficult for most men to provide for their family. Es had to work two jobs. By day, he was a bricklayer enduring the 100 degree summer heat for 12 hours and then off to the farm working the fields until after dark.
Es decided he could make some extra money by planting more corn. He scraped together the money to buy the seed. That was the easy part since he had to clear the field of weeds which was backbreaking work. He struggled for three long years fighting the weeds that strangled his corn plants. The fourth year he planted again and the weeds fought back. This big strong man who was the rock everyone leaned on sat down on the ditch bank, his head in his hands, and sobbed feeling totally defeated by the weeds. However, he continued to fight the weeds that summer and was finally rewarded with a crop he could harvest. Today we see the fruits of his efforts in a beautiful the little field of healthy corn.
A few years later Es found another disguised field of dreams. He purchased an old abandoned drive-in movie theatre. Like the corn field, he struggled for many years to pay the property taxes and to develop the land. After several years of sacrifice he was able to sell property for a substantial amount to the Albertson’s Food Market chain who wanted to build a mini mall on his field of dreams.
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Thanks Marlo and Leanna.

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