Friday, September 11, 2009

Another New Podcast Interview.

I did an interview with Steven Kapp Perry this week in those couple of hours we were home. We had a great time talking. He was kind enough to edit out all the umms for me so I sound better as well.

He wrote that it "Appeared today on:

The click-to-listen link is:

It will also appear on the FM100.3 website this week only, on for the week, and will be broadcast on FM100.3's "Soft Sunday Sounds" stream online this Saturday at Noon, but none of those are permanent links."

Thanks Steve. It was great to talk to you. Hope we can do it again sometime.

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Renee Zamora said...

I just finished listening to your interview. I just loved all the stories you told. You did an excellent job. I wanted so badly to attend your class at the FHExpo in Salt Lake on Serendipity in Genealogy, but was unable to. Now I feel like I got to hear just a tiny bit of it. Great job!!