Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Digital Heart Links--A new company you should know about

I got to catch up with an old friend at the Family History Expo the other week. Across the way from us was Tara Bowen and her husband Brook.

Tara worked with me at the Markosian Library at SLCC long before either of us were into genealogy. She was a fabulous co-worker with a can-do attitude. I knew that any project I took to Tara would be done right, right away and with a smile. She was great to work with and even though we were good friends I had unfortunately lost touch with her as we had both moved from SLCC.

So imagine my surprise when we went to set up at the expo and Tara showed up to set up her company's booth directly across from me. Tara and Brook had started Digital Heart Links a company that will digitize your photos, home movies, audio tapes, slides, etc, etc and etc.

We've talked on this blog alot about the dangers of making sure digital files survive. Brook and Tara help you out with that using only the highest quality materials. But following the Library of Alexandria rule, once the items are digitized you can share and disburse them, and of course we can help you make extra printed copies--all of which is much easier in digital format.

Now I know how to digitize are going to have a hard time convincing me to pay much for something I can do myself. But guess what? Convince me they did. They have a system set up where they can do it so quickly that it is incredibly inexpensive for the time I would have to invest. And they will do it accurately without messing up the lighting, etc, and etc that would take most people tons of time to perfect. I have three shelves of scrapbooks that I put together on my life and Kim's life and our married life together. I've never gotten around to having them digitized so that I can easily reproduce them for my children, and store copies in another place in case of a fire or something. Now I can--at a price I can afford.

Of course she can describe it better than I can. Tara sent me this about their company:

When you digitally archive your family’s history you preserve it against fading, loss or damage and you make it available to all your family members. A digital format allows every family member access to one collection. It’s as simple as copying a disk! Once digital the images are available to be used again and again in a variety of formats including print, slide show, on-line and genealogical records and keepsakes, just like you would use images from your digital camera. It is the first step to so much fun! See us on the web at or give us a call at 801.706.3253

I know you'll be pleased if you do. And then let us know when you are ready to make one of our fabulous photo charts once all your pictures are digitized.

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