Monday, October 18, 2010

Our third week of sales

October 18th through the 24th. Our best sale yet on our online tool Family ChArtist. With new graphics to help you make the perfect genealogy chart. Go in and create your own masterpiece and take 50% off your whole order. Just enter 2FC101750 in the promotional code field at check out. This screaming deal is only good for this week. October 18th through the 25th.

A great way to share your family history with your non-genealogist family for the holiday season. Their family history might benefit them because:

  • Family History bonds families together.
    • It will strengthen their relationship with you.
  • Family History can give a sense of belonging.
    • They will have a stronger sense of who they are.
  • Family History can create a loving, safe environment.
    • They will know that there are people who love them and worked so that they could have a nice life.
  • Family History can give them something to live up to.
    • Tell them about the good qualities in their family
  • Family History can inspire a sense of gratitude.
    • They will know how much easier life is now.
  • Family History can help them with their problems.
    • Somebody has probably been there before and survived it.
  • Family History can give them a broader, more unselfish perspective.
    • They will see the bigger picture of the span of life.
  • Family History encourages good skills.
    • Logic, detective skills, writing, communication, organization.
  • Family History gives a context for other knowledge.
    • History geography, languages, religion, culture—Margaret Mitchell, Alex Haley, inspired by their family history.
  • You could use some help.
    • They might break through your brick wall someday.
  • It will be moving for you to see the span of your family reaching out/down.
    • My perspective on my life, history, and the span of our family is amazing when I see my children involved.
  • You may find someone who will carry it on.
    • No one will care about your research work more than your own family can
Let us help you get them involved. And at 50% off, you can't beat it with a stick. :-)

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