Thursday, October 7, 2010

Adding a member of the family

Happy 1 week Anniversary to my Little Sis!

My last sister to get married, Miss Emily, became Mrs. Emily Park last week on September 30th. It was the sweetest day I just have to blog about it. The two of them couldn't stop grinning, even when they were just standing around. My family of origin is now completely filled out. It still has me reeling to have our family change so much last year when my other two sisters got married. The family was the same for 16 years, and then all of the sudden over this last year there are three new members. But they've chosen well, and I really like these guys. Really, really like them.

The most beautiful thing is how happy Emily is. She was the most joyful looking bride I've ever seen. It is so good to see my little sis so blissful. Josh is a sweet compliment to her, and just as blissful. He is a great addition to our family. Emily kind of surprised us. She has dated lots and lots of guys over the years, some for a long time. With Josh, they only started dating a little while ago, and once they knew it was right they were only engaged for 8 weeks. It was fast, but I trust that she knew what she was looking for, and she knew when she had found it. And I can already see that Josh is a perfect match for her.
So there are now 5 amazing men who have been brave enough to marry the 5 sisters in my family. I have to show you the picture (above) that we took a couple of weeks ago when we were taking family pictures. They were all standing there looking at their phones, while we were putting the picture together, and it was such a perfect capture of their essence that we went ahead and staged the picture this way. (Apparently Colin (left) has AT&T :-) I think this is my all time favorite picture anywhere. It is amazing that we found 5 guys courageous enough to take us on. (And look how we've turned them all grey already :-)
The formidable women of my family.

Emily is so creative and the whole wedding had a beautiful, classy, inspired feel to it. When I heard she was organizing everything in purples and greys and yellow, I thought that sounded kind of different, but everything was so beautiful. Kristen and I stood around wishing we had had purple themed weddings too. Especially when my favorite color is purple anyway.

And when she decided that she wanted a roof of parasols over the whole garden, I think we all wondered how that was going to work. (Especially my Dad.) But it was the hit of the evening. Josh and his friends spent 2 days putting it together for her. It was such a sweet tribute to his love for her. And when the lights went on it was spectacular. A beautiful frame for such a lovely evening with so many family and friends. It was of course so fun to get to see everyone I love so much.

And of course we did a bunch of giclees for them, I didn't get alot of pictures of all the prints but of course they were gorgeous. Like Amy, (Emily's twin) they looked like they should have been in a Bridal Magazine.

A great time was had by all. I love weddings. I love being able to see everyone. I wish we could have one every day. But I suppose they wouldn't be so special then.


Elizabeth O'Neal said...

Congratulations to all of you - what a beautiful wedding and family! I love all the purple (which happens to be my daughter's favorite color). Love the pic of the guys staring at their phones, too (so typical)! You all look very happy, and deservedly so.

Looking forward to seeing you at the Expo this weekend!

Colin said...

i have Verizon. :) but i can imagine what it must be like to have AT&T.

Barbara Poole said...

I love weddings and really enjoy reading about them as well. Thank you for sharing your special family day with us.