Monday, January 30, 2012

How to Find Your Family History in Newspapers

When I got to the Family History Expo in Mesa, I was greeted with a new book. Of course I already loved the new book because it was by my favorite genealogy lady, Lisa Louise Cooke. I love Lisa's approach to genealogy. She makes it fun and engaging and I think she's better than sliced bread when it comes to the genealogy market. If you haven't ever listened to her Genealogy Gems you should. It is chock full of great ideas and I love listening because she keeps me abreast of all the new things going on.

The new book is chock full of great ideas too. It's titled, Everything You Need to Know About How to Find Your Family History in Newspapers. Lisa is amazing at everything she does and this book is no exception. It is crammed with links and suggestions on how to find your family. There are links for every state, and every country, you can just open it up and get going.

But I was floored when I opened it up. In the front it says this: "Thank You Janet Hovorka. Things were a bit slow in the exhibit hall at one genealogy conference in 2011, so I got a chance to catch up with Janet Hovorka of Family Chartmasters. Janet is a kindred spirit for me. Not only are we the two tall blonde moms chatting our way from one end of the hall to the other, but we share a deep passion for not just family history, but for families and family historians. Janet has been an invaluable sounding board for me, and a cheerleader for the creation of a new book. At that conference Janet encouraged me to ask Leland Meitzler what book genealogists needed right now..."

Now I don't know if I inspire Lisa alot, but I know she inspires me. She is the same invaluable sounding board on this side and I get lots of brilliant ideas from her. We both care deeply about the soul sanctifying benefits of family history. I highly recommend her book. I know it will help you find more about your family. And you can come see Lisa at RootsTech this week, or at the UGA conference March 3rd. She is an amazing speaker and I know you'll come away energized about your family history.

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