Friday, August 24, 2012

New Employees

We have two new employees to introduce to you:

Lara Orchard was born in Utah and raised in Indiana.  She is the mother of six children and yellow to the core.  She's not sure who wants more fun--her or her kids.  She loves to read and spend summers in the sun.  She has an appreciation for genealogy that was given to her by her Mother, who is jealous of her job at Family ChartMasters.  Lara has been a great help this summer and hopefully if we haven't scared her off you'll be seeing more of her around here. 

Jenn McKay is actually not really a new employee either.  She was a great help through Christmas Rush last year and after a little hiatus is back with us again now.  Jenn is still in the honeymoon stage with her husband Iain McKay and dotes over her two huge German Shepherds Milo and Izz.  In her spare time, Jenn is working on her Masters' degree in Special Education.  She gives Erin a run for her money for the Detail Oriented Diva position and we are very lucky to have her. 

We are very blessed to have these two lovely ladies working with us.  With their help, we're in a better position than ever to take good care of you and make your genealogy chart a beautiful representation of your family.  We look forward to creating something special for you.

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Kerry Scott said...

Nice to hear about a company that is creating jobs!