Wednesday, October 26, 2016

8 Reasons To Choose Family ChartMasters For Your Genealogy Chart

We know that you may find other companies to design and print your genealogy chart...but here are 8 reasons why you should chose Family ChartMasters:
1. Experience. Family ChartMasters has been creating, designing, and printing genealogy charts for 14 years with thousands of happy customers. Take a look at Family ChartMaster's blog, TheChartChick, to read our many glowing customer testimonials.

2. Customer Service. Family ChartMasters serves you with high end customer service. Our customers have commented that our team is friendly, patient, and will meet your needs with a smile. We don't quit until you are 100% happy and satisfied.

3. Expert Designers. Our designers have created thousands of charts in many different styles and layouts.  They are experts in genealogy standards and willing to suggest complementary design elements, layout ideas, and color combinations that can display even the most complicated family relationships.

4. Any Kind of Chart. Family ChartMasters designs and prints ancestor charts, descendant charts, fan charts, circle charts, all-in-one charts, and inexpensive working charts for your family reunion so that attendees can write in updated info. We also design custom decorative genealogy charts that can be displayed as a beautiful art piece in your home.  These are all individualized for the needs of your family. The Family ChartMasters online gallery shows over 50 chart design ideas to get you started thinking about what type of chart you would like. If you need other ideas, we are happy to brainstorm and consult with you. 

5. Any Size of Chart. The size of your chart depends on many factors including how many people are in your file,  how many generations are included, how much information is listed in the data boxes, and how many photos or other decorative details you choose to place on your chart. Our designers will work with you to design a size that works best for your needs. We can print your decorative chart in a standard frame size for easy framing, or we can print up to 150 feet continuous without a break.  The largest chart Family ChartMasters has printed was over 700 feet!

6. Any Kind of File.  Whatever file or form your data is in, we can turn it into a genealogy chart. Family Search, Ancestry, PAF, Gedcom, Legacy, RootsMagic, Family Tree Maker, Excel, Word, Apple Pages, or even your own handwriting. As long as you have the info, we can create a chart for you!

7. Creativity. The talented and creative Family ChartMasters designers can make your family's info come alive in a beautiful chart that works for your decor needs. Because our genealogy charts are hand-crafted, we have the ability to create original, one-of-a-kind charts that perfectly represent your unique family.

8. Trust. Family ChartMasters will represent your family's information in a way that will make you proud.  We have high standards for quality control in our inks and papers. We print and ship in time for your deadlines.  You can trust your genealogy chart with Family ChartMasters.

From inexpensive draft working charts to high end giclee canvas fine art pieces, Family ChartMasters is truly the master in genealogy printing. Give us a call or visit the Family ChartMasters website and we will gladly provide you with a free consultation.

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