Thursday, December 27, 2018

Family History Puts History in Context

We've done charts for some amazing families this holiday season.  All families are amazing, but there were a few details this year that were striking.  We did one for a mob family that was fascinating.  We created a chart for a wealthy, self-made American family that married into one of the great European dynasties with lots of intrigue and difficult situations.  And my personal favorite--one of our charts included an astronaut who had died--the place of death listed was not on the earth.  It is such an honor to be able to help display these family histories.  

space ship
Without giving too many details, I have to tell you how striking it was for me to see history within the context of a family.  To see the photos of the humble beginnings and how each family had changed and shifted through time was amazing.  And seeing where each family is now, the relationships they've developed and the great heights and depths they have gone through was so moving to me.  And I'm not even a member of these families.  With every chart we send off, we hope that the family loves it as much as we do.  

Whether or not you can look up your family members in Wikipedia, seeing your own people and the way your family has moved through time is much more spectacular than all the examples we could ever show you in our gallery.  And our talented designers always come up with incredible, personalized designs for each of our client's incredible families.  Let us know when you are ready for a family history masterpiece.  We're excited to help you show off your incredible history too. 

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