Sunday, December 23, 2018

Holiday Family History Activites

The kids are home from school for a couple of weeks.  Or maybe you have grandkids visiting?  I'm sure you'll do some fun things together, but I hope you'll also incorporate your family history.  As I've said many many times before, family history is the one thing that your family shares, that no one else shares with you.  It brings so many healthy benefits to your descendants and it is the best team building exercise there is.  So here are a few ideas about how to incorporate a little family history into your holiday break.  

And speaking of breaks.. we will only have a skeleton staff on call until we all come back into the office on January 8th.  Our team has worked incredibly hard this last couple of months to make sure all of our clients have the perfect holiday gift.  So we feel that they really need and deserve some time off to spend with their families.  If you need a chart soon, feel free to send your information in for a free consultation at but just know that we'll be a little slower through the holidays.  If you need it soon though--feel free to tell us what your deadline is.  We'll always work really hard to meet any deadlines you have.  
And now on to the ideas...

1. Watch your family history together.  Ready for a nice relaxing movie all wrapped up in blankets and drinking cocoa?  How about picking one with a family history theme?  Maybe there is a show with ties to your family history.. such as Fiddler on the Roof or Gone with the Wind.  Or you could choose a show that celebrates family history such as Disney's Moana or Coco.  
Make a gingerbread house of a historic place in your family
2. Cook your family history together.  I've shared many times how much my family's holiday cooking takes in our family history.  This year I bought some Krankenkake molds and we're going to try this new recipe together.  As you cook together, or eat together, make sure you pass on the history behind your tradition.  
3. Fill out a chart together.  With our new 2019 on-trend designs, you can inspire descendants to new genealogical heights as you work on a chart for their own home together.  Filling out a chart can prompt story telling and explanations that may not come up otherwise.  The perfect takeaway from Grandma's house.  

4. Talk about the heirlooms you have (and maybe gift them to family members).  Maybe you have some holiday heirlooms on display.  Or maybe you have a box set aside that needs to be organized.  Get your family involved in family history by giving them ownership and helping them see the interesting assets you have in your family.  

5. Check out more ideas in our Zap the Grandma Gap books.  The Zap the Grandma Gap books and workbooks are chock full of ideas for family activities that work with kids of all ages (even my Dad)  Order the physical books or get them quickly in eBook form at

Let me know how it goes at  And watch the blog--I'll report back too.  Have a wonderful holiday break!

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