Monday, January 27, 2020

Annual Favorites 2020: Immigrant Ancestors

We've had a lot of requests this last year to show unique immigrant stories and the paths these immigrants took to get to the United States.  With the 400th anniversary of the landing of the Mayflower coming up in 2020 I would suspect that there will be many more to come.  It is great to honor those who made amazing sacrifices and surmounted huge challenges in our family history.  Knowing that you have strong genes gives one courage to face the small day to day challenges that come up in life.  These charts celebrate those amazing ancestor stories and give us that strength.

Be sure to click on any of the charts to see a larger version with all of the details.  And join us at any conference this year to see the actual prints.

A beautiful representation of this immigrant family from New York.

This client showed off his Irish heritage with the map, flag and Celtic border.  
This beautiful family included the couple's wedding photos, their two beautiful children and even their dogs.  Love it!

One of our absolute favorite charts.  The pedigree chart on the bottom is referenced above with the trips each ancestor actually took from Europe to North America and their dates of immigration

This chart celebrates the client's heritage from Italy, England, Ireland and Russia.  Even though this research so far is asymmetrical, the chart worked out beautifully.

An all in one tree of this Swedish family shows both sides of the family with cousins, aunts and uncles, and blended family members.  
Any of these charts would make a beautiful centerpiece to your home, or an amazing, meaningful gift.  You can send your information in for a free consultation and our designers will work with you, sending previews until it is exactly perfect for your family.  Once you approve your chart, you can place your order and we'll send it right out.  We'll help you really honor those that came before in your family.

Watch for new posts on our Annual Favorites collection over the next two weeks.  We have so much more to show you. 

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