Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Twelve-week Research Challenge

As we thought about how to help you all make even more connections with your family history in 2020, we decided to focus on family history research. Whether you're a professional genealogist or a novice who wants to learn more, we have a twelve-week research challenge for all levels. The purpose of the challenge is to help you step-up your genealogy game, discover new people in your tree, or even just get started with your research.

The link below will register you for the challenge. You will then receive one email every week for twelve weeks. Each email will have three levels of suggestions: beginning, intermediate and advanced. If you are just getting started, the beginner ideas will help you start thinking about your ancestors in different ways. Advanced researchers will find new directions to check out in the advanced section of each email. And some researchers may change between the beginner, intermediate and advanced levels to choose whichever level works best for them on any particular week.

At the end of the twelve weeks, we have a special prize for everyone who completes the challenge! Not only will you expand your knowledge of family history research, but you will receive an awesome gift from us.

Sign up here and get started today! 

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