Thursday, February 6, 2020

Annual Favorites 2020: Special Occasions

We love helping you celebrate your family's special occasions.  Anniversaries, birthdays, engagements, weddings, or any family milestone can be commemorated with a family history chart.  These charts tell the origin story of your family and how you all came to this place.  And charts make a wonderful unique gift.  Your family history is something you share with the recipient that no one else outside the family shares with them; it is unique to your bond.  

Be sure to click on any of the charts to see a larger version with all of the details.  And join us at any conference this year to see the actual prints.

A birthday present for the researcher's brother showing the brother and sister and the brother's son with all the family's photos.
A baby gift from Grandma showing a little girl's maternal line.

A beautiful birthday present for Mom showing off her Eastern European heritage.

This chart could be a beautiful present for Mom and Dad from their daughter.  With color coding for each of the family branches and the gorgeous water color tree in the background it is a family history to be proud of.

Let us help you celebrate your family bonds with one of our amazing custom family history charts.  It is simple to send in your information for a free consultation with no obligation to purchase until it looks perfect.  Just send the information to  One of our designers will help you come up with the perfect chart to mark your special occasion.

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