Monday, February 3, 2020

Annual Favorites 2020: Unique Favorites

When we advertise that we can create any kind of chart, we get unique requests.  We love it when a client has a specific vision for their chart.  Our designers put their extensive talent and experience to work creating unique masterpieces that really tell the family story.  And with our online preview system for custom charts, each designer works closely with the client to realize their vision.  It is so satisfying for the client and the designer when they come up with unique masterpieces such as these.  

Be sure to click on any of the charts to see a larger version with all of the details.  And join us at any conference this year to see the actual prints.

One of our favorites this year.  These cousins found each other through DNA and celebrated their kinship with a beautiful chart showing their unique relationship.  

An amazing chart showing the lifespan of a couple and their families'  origins.  It includes documents, gravestones, stories, and a timeline fore each of their lives, and it encompasses the whole story in a captivating chart.

A simply beautiful chart with the focus on an elegant background photo and the clean ancestral lines.

The dark background makes the color coding on this chart pop off the page.  A tribute to the popularity of the Finding Your Roots TV show.

This brilliant client created two matching charts (above and below).  She hung her family and her husband's family side by side in her home.  But then she gifted her husband's family copies of their chart and her family copies of her chart.  Each of the charts work as a stand alone piece, but together they unite her heritage with her husband's.

This beautiful chart shows off a direct line that splits and then comes back together.  Showing all of the family on the bottom was tricky, but we fit them all in.  
Our designers can also come up with an amazing, unique display of your family history.  Anything you can dream up, they can do, and they'll work with you until it is perfect.  Just send your information in for a free consultation at and they'll get started on your family masterpiece.

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