Thursday, February 25, 2021

Annual Favorites 2020: New Things to Do with Your Family TREES

 We have so many creative customers who are inspired to display their genealogy.  Last year we had so many ideas that included trees, that we had to make them a separate category for our Annual Favorites. Show off your family TREE! 

This design is actually one of our blank chart designs!  But we placed all the information on his tree for him.  Love those misty trees!

We just loved this watercolor tree as the background for this chart!  Such a nice way to display your descendants!

This was a lovely tribute from children to their mom.  What a nice gift!

Don't want to be super obvious with an actual tree?  These subtle leafy branches could do the trick.

This one was a fun one to create!  Pictures, colored box fields, and of course, the tree!

This one is just simple and clean and so lovely.  We loved the simple tree and leaf shapes.

We still have one more installment of our 2020 favorites!  Stay tuned. 


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