Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Annual Favorites 2020: Understand and Display Your Tree Better With Color Coding

 More beautiful charts!  This time we focused on some of the beautiful color coded charts we helped create last year.  Color coding can really help organize your information and show how family lines are arranged.  Take a look at these!

What a lovely descendancy chart, color coded according to each couple's descendants.

Color coding for each couple!  This one was a fun one to work on.

This one was so lovely!  Color coding divides the ancestors according to their ethnic heritage.  We love all the pictures and the subtle map as the watermarked background.

This chart includes the descendants of four families, with color coding for certain family members.  A clean, beautiful arrangement!

So many people on this chart!!  Color coding helps with the organizing of lines, the longest of which was wrapped to avoid unnecessary white space.

We love the color coding for each generation in this one!

This one was so fun to create!  Each family member includes their ethnicity estimates, to compare their DNA test results.  What a great idea!

This one includes everyone in the file, with color coding and enhanced lines for clarity.  Beautiful!

Can you believe we have even more charts coming??  Next up: new things to do with your family TREES! 

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