Saturday, April 30, 2022

Set Style Charts-Filled In Fill-in-the-blank Charts

We often take our fill-in-the-blank charts to genealogy conferences.  And we often get asked, can you fill these in for us?  Well--we could, but they would need to be created and refined by a designer--until now.  We've added some of our most popular fill-in-the-blank charts to our line up of set style charts.  If you are sure your data is good to go, you can now order a set style chart that is easier and cheaper than our full custom charts.  They are still designed by our talented designers.  And they're put through our quality control tests to make sure they don't just come out like a run of the mill automated chart.  So they're beautiful on a budget.  Take a look:

Topeka 20x24 inches, 6 generations

Stockholm 20x24 inches, 5 generations

Mesa 24x36 inches, 8 generations

Denver 24x36 inches, 8 generations

Branson 20x24 inches, 5 generations

Boston 20x24 inches. 5 generations

They're all published with a crisp clear, readable font.

You can get yours today at  Check them out!

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