Friday, April 29, 2022

Set Style Charts--A family is a growing organism.

That's why a tree is such a perfect symbol.  With branches stretching up into the future, and roots stretching down into the past, the tree is a beautiful image of a family.  When we first started creating family history charts we thought trees were kind of cliche, but now we've grown to love them.  And we have so many beautiful representations we can use on your charts.  You can check some of them out in our gallery at 

So it works well that in design trends right now organic, earthy, nature themed decorating is super popular.  One of our favorite places to have retreats is at the Mountainside Marriott in Park City.  We decided to do a riff off some of the decorating elements found there.  Our talent designer Amy took the tree rings and turned them into a family history work of art.  

We named each of them after a species of birch tree:

Grandulosa Birch

Mountain Birch

River Birch
Sweet Birch 

And a super cool looking font.
You can order yours at  They'll be a beautiful representation of your family and a beautiful piece of art for your walls. 



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