Friday, September 23, 2022

The Search Party Course--fill the holes in your family tree.

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If you have been receiving our emails, you know that this summer I partnered with two of my good friends, Diahan Southard and Crista Cowan, to create a new method for doing family history research.  It is a breakthrough system that can solve any kind of research problem, but is easy enough for the most basic beginner. 

We tested out the system with several webinars that were wildly popular.  Everyone felt like this new process was really helpful in clarifying and making it easy to find your family.  So now, we've decided to expand your options for learning and using the system.  

We've put together an online course that combines all of our years of experience for your benefit--and makes it really easy to follow along.  There's a series of modules including videos and a workbooks along with a sample problem we tackle together as a class, as well as guided homework so you can try it out on your own family history problems.  That's quite a package! We can't wait for you to join us.  

The course opens for registration on September 28th.  Check out all the details here and watch your email for the time to enroll.

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