Friday, September 16, 2022

Family History Month Giveaway

Did you that know October is Family History Month?  The U.S. Congress created it by resolution in 2001.  While we think Family History is great year-round, we're happy that we have a month to really celebrate the benefits it brings.  Family History gives us comfort in knowing where you came from and teaches us about the people who left their mark on us and formed our culture.   Some of the benefits of Family History include:

  • A sense of identity in the world
  • A more secure foundation for healthy relationships
  • A knowledge of traits that run in our families--health, emotional, traditional and etc.

Understanding our family history is just a better way to have a healthy life. 


So, we're participating with our good friends in a Family History Month Giveaway.  There are some amazing prizes.  Check them out:

  • New Search Party Course with Diahan Southard, Janet Hovorka and Crista Cowan ($97 value)
  • Family History Coaching Consultation with Kenyatta Berry ($200 value)
  • Family ChartMasters Gift Certificate ($200 value)
  • Diahan Southard's DNA Guide Mentoring Session ($129 value)
  • 5GB storage at
  • One year subscription to Memory Web ($99 value)
  • Family History Writing Consultation with Michael LeClerc the Genealogy Professor ($175 value)
  • Maureen Taylor's Identifying Family Photographs course, ebook handbook, and a copy of Vivid-Pix ($180 value) 

Each prize is awarded separately so you have 8 chances to win.  What a great way to kick off celebrating Family History Month!  

Register at by October 2nd

And join us on October 4th at 2pm EST for a Facebook Live on Maureen Taylor's Facebook page at

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