Wednesday, April 23, 2008

How to hang a large chart at a family reunion

From an earlier newsletter: I'll post it here so that people can refer to it when we all start heading to the reunions this year.

We are often asked how to hang large family reunion charts. We've gotten some great ideas the last few months by being involved in some of your wonderful get togethers.

The best thing we have seen so far is to use binder clips because they hold the paper tight without damaging it. Once you clip them to the chart every 2 feet or so, you can tape or pin the handles to the wall. Just be sure to use painters tape so that it comes off the wall easily. You can even string the binder clips together with rope and hang the chart between trees or along a fence.

Or, if you have tables to fit the size of your chart, you can roll them out flat. This gives you great context for adding pictures or heirlooms that belong to people on the chart.

Of course you don't need to have a huge chart to make everyone feel the unity and sense of belonging. We have done some great smaller charts this summer with pictures. Descendancy charts are the most spectacular with lots of photos. Pictures of people, places or historical documents bring the past to life.

One customer recently expressed to us her gratitude for our help in making some large picture charts. In a family that had been struggling with unity, she said that collecting pictures had gotten cousins talking who hadn't for years, and everyone is excited to come to the reunion to see the finished product.

You are welcome to send us your file for a FREE CONSULTATION and we can give you some great ideas. Let us help you make sure everyone knows where they belong and how important they are.

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