Wednesday, April 2, 2008

More to get younger people involved in Family History

This came in the World Vital Records Newsletter dated April 1st

Genealogical Tip: Gen-Activities for Kids
By Amanda Forson,
For anyone who works with small children or wants to help children and grandchildren understand their hobby (or profession), activities of a genealogical nature are a must.The following sites help with ideas for activities for children, and can help them discover about their past and help out Mom and Dad, or Grandpa and Grandma, too!:USGenWeb-Kids: for Kids: Today, Jr.: and Documents for Kids: Tree Maker Magazine Kids’ Books: fun with your family and give kids a chance to help in finding their ancestors. Had my grandmother not been open to my questions, and been willing to talk about the family, I would not be writing this column. Family history is not simply for adults. Anyone interested in the topic of family history has to start sometime, and it is easier to start when a person is young.

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