Monday, April 28, 2008

Our next conferences

I was supposed to give my "How charts can help your research" lecture at BYU yesterday but instead spent the hour filling out police reports on a car accident. I'm sorry if I missed you at class, I wish I had been there too--really. At least I have some other lectures and conferences to look forward to. And maybe, thanks to this other driver, we'll have a new car to take to them.

I'm glad to get going on conferences again. I so love working with other genealogists. They are always so fun to talk to.

Kemmerer Wyoming, next Saturday, May 3rd. I'll be giving my Swedish research for the non-Swedish lecture and Where to Start When You Inherit Genealogy lecture.

Kim's going to NGS Kansas City May 14-16th. He'll be printing onsite.

And then June 22nd I'll be teaching another new lecture, "Why you need Family History." at BYU

Southern California Genealogical Society Jun 27-29th. We'll be printing onsite.

Genealogical Council of Oregon July 19th. We'll be printing onsite.

And at the Fall BYU conference they have just asked that I present my new lecture "Will your Work Survive the Digital Age?" Looking forward to that.

And looking forward to Mesa with My Ancestors Found Nov 14th and 15. Their conferences are always so good.

Be sure to drop by and tell me you are reading my blog. I'll be excited to meet you.

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