Monday, September 8, 2014

Interesting new video from MyHeritage and Gilad Japhet

Our good friend Daniel Horowitz sent us a clip about his company MyHeritage that was shown on Israeli TV recently.  I had no idea that Gilad Japhet, their CEO had been working on such an important project.  But, not only was it great to see the great work that MyHeritage is doing, it was fun to see the offices and some of the history in the clip. Take a look:

I think Daniel and his team may have found an intriguing new marketing message for MyHeritage. Build a family tree in our database and you may be connected to a wealthy ancestor. I like that one :)

Congratulations to them for the great attention they are getting for this important project.  We really value our partnership with MyHeritage.  We enjoy printing and sending their users' charts all over the world.  They have an incredible reach.  We appreciate Daniel and Gilad and their passion for family history--not just as a business, but as an important force for good in the world.  That is something we care deeply about too and it is good to partner with another company with similar goals and passions.  Kudos, and thanks to them for being such a great asset to the genealogy community. 

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