Thursday, August 25, 2022

Working Chart Sale: Time to get serious about your research!

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Fall is a great time to work on your family history. The busy vacation season is over, kids are in school and we aren't heading into the holidays just yet. It is time to get organized, call some cousins, and pull some all-nighters getting lost in the internet. (We get you!) Charts are a great way to get organized. And even though they aren't here yet, you might even start thinking about gifts for the holidays. These are sure to inspire a budding genealogists in the family. Or, if you are thinking about creating decorative charts for gifts, a quick working chart right now would help you make sure you have the data right so that you're ready to create the heirloom chart of your dreams.

This is a super quick sale. So you'll want to keep track of two deadlines:
  • Send in your final file between now and August 30th. We can't accept any submissions for the offer after this date.
  • Order by September 3rd at midnight.

Use the code GETTOWORK to take 30% off any working chart.

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