Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day

Like everyone, there are many things that make me unique. Many of these come from my Dad.

  • I like watching and going to College Football games.
  • I like mayonaise on broccoli or spinach, and tomato soup with popcorn in it.
  • I like swing dancing to 50's music.
  • I like to work hard.
  • I like fresh vegetables straight from the garden.
  • I like singing harmony.
  • I love a good dumb joke.
  • I like a good party or just hanging out and having fun.
  • I can ask if everyone is ok before I ask how bad the condition of the car is.
  • I have an affinity for being called "Princess."

I also:

  • Have bad knees.
  • Enjoy traveling to work and learn something (not usually to relax.)
  • Can figure out how to fix about anything, but sometimes get myself into trouble.
  • Barbeque chicken that is black on the outside and raw on the inside (He has gotten better at that but I haven't.)

My Dad taught me to expect alot from myself. Especially in scholarship. It was never a matter of if I was going to college, but how many degrees I would get. I'm glad I have absorbed his confidence to write and teach and study hard and continue to learn.

He is the man we all go to when we need some powerful persuasion. He can talk someone down in price, talk his way out of a traffic ticket, and get a better business deal.

My Dad taught me to look and act professionally and has always held positions of leadership and service in our church and community. He taught me to leave the world a better place than where I found it.

Even though my Dad excelled in his career, he taught me to keep my priorities straight. His family has been most important. It means the world to me that he has been proud when I've made career choices that would strengthen my family.

My Dad has been a wonderful example of dedication to your parents. Not only was he a devoted son and took wonderful care of my Grandmother in the years after my Grandfather died, but he was an incredible son-in-law. He helped his in-laws for 30 years while my Grandmother was in a wheelchair, traveling back and forth to California, and then when they moved closer. In my Maternal grandfather's last years, Dad and Mom took exquisite care of him, supporting him every way they knew how.

My Dad has taught me to be honest and faithful to your promises. When I was a little girl, Mom once told me that even though they had troubles once in a while, I never had to worry about them being divorced, and I never doubted her. I went to my Dad even just this weekend to ask his opinion on the "right" thing to do.

Dad has been a wonderful support to Kim and I the last couple of years in starting this business. He retired just in time to help us and shore up taking care of our home and kids while we have been working. Generation Maps wouldn't be where it is today without his background support. And I think our relationship has grown even stronger. I am so thankful that he continues to take care of his daughter.

It hasn't been easy being the father of 5 daughters. My Dad has accomplished it with grace and has made it look easy.

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