Sunday, June 29, 2008

Why I haven't been getting enough blogging done

(Generation Maps does not endorse any genealogy software. We just like to tell you how great they are.)

I was really motivated (as I'm sure you can see) by the bloggers summit. All sorts of stuff I want to do now. But I just had to take a break and go down to the beach. Ken McGinnis and Geoff Rassmussen and Kim and I went down to Venice Beach, and then up to the Santa Monica pier for dinner last night. We had a great time and tested out our new T-wing phone's camera.
My grandparents lived in Westchester most of my life, so even getting off the plane into the humidity was a sweet reminder of being spoiled every summer when we came to visit. My big Uncle Ken would take us rollerskating up and down Venice beach. It has changed alot but still brings back such sweet memories for me. And Santa Monica is in my blood. My Great-grandmother owned the Greyhound Bus depot a couple of blocks up from the pier on 5th street and our family still owns the property. Five generations of my matriarchal line have brought their daughters and granddaughters down to the pier to ride on the carousel. It was so moving to be here at the genealogy conference, surrounded my pictures of Nama and Grandma in the booth and then being down at the pier last night. So sweet.

Great to talk to Geoff and Ken. We work with the best people. It sounds like their charting order system will launch with us on Monday. We are all excited to finally get that up and running. Geoff got applause in his class yesterday when he said the ordering system was almost ready. We will be home just in time for the launch and are looking forward to it. Legacy 7 has lots of great new features, mapping, sourcewriter, and a set up wizard to help you get started. It was hilarious when Kim handed Geoff the phone backwards and he took a picture of himself accidentally. But somehow that picture got deleted on the new phone. Darn it. You can never post the really good stuff on your blog I guess.

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