Sunday, June 29, 2008

New friends at SCGS

A few new companies I found at SCGS:

Light Impressions. I'm excited to find a new resource for Archival Supplies. Established in 1969, but not seen by me because it is a local California company apparently. I believe I had seen them before, but finally got to know them. A great resource. I'm not sure how the prices were against University Products. Alot of the same stuff. But it is always good to have another resource and I'm sure I'll find products that one has and not the other. One of my favorite items is the Filmoplast--an archival tape with a soft adhesive good for fixing tears in books. Cheaper at University Products, but good to have another catalog to learn from.

The International Society of Genetic Genealogy. A education resource for genetic genealogy. Going to have to check them out more.

Bridge to Yesterday. Two dynamic ladies that will collect your family history into an "ethical will" They do the research for you and publish a book for you to hand down through the family.

And I was excited to finally meet Randy Seaver. One of my favorite bloggers. He has great insights into the genealogy industry. It was great to meet his wife, the "Geneaholic widow" Thank you to her for allowing him to enlighten all of us. He said in the Blogger Summit yesterday, "See dear, there are others." :-)

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