Friday, October 31, 2014

All Treats, No Tricks!

Our customers are amazing!  Our friends are amazing!  Sometimes I feel like there aren't even words for how I feel about them, but then I eventually manage to find some.  Let me share with  you why I am feeling quite twitterpated with the world.

I woke up to the best surprise yesterday morning.  I've always known we have great friends and great customers, but honestly, yesterday, I was just blown away when I opened up my email and Facebook feed.  My dear friend, Thomas MacEntee, shared a link-and some really kind words-on his Facebook page.  He linked a blog post by a wonderful customer, Amanda, that gave us all sorts of praise from a recent chart we made for her.  And, and, AND... he said wonderful things about us too!

"I've said this before - Janet Hovorka and her group at Family ChartMasters rock! Make plans for your holiday gifts NOW - take a look at this magnificent chart!"

Thomas, thank you so much for the love.  We love you back so much.  I hope you know that!

And Amanda's blog post about the chart we made for her just blew me away.  Thank you, Amanda!  Her comment, "I cannot recommend Family Chartmasters highly enough.  They are a joy to work with, and their products are top-notch quality." was just icing on the already decadent, 10-layer (emotional) cake I woke up to yesterday.

And if all of that isn't amazing enough, I just wanted to share a customer email as well, because seriously, our customers are incredible!  Michael Gonzales, whom I just got to meet in person this past summer in Salt Lake City, at a conference, sent this awesome email to me with some great pictures.  Take a look:


Our reunion was a success once again, thanks to our active planning committee and to the Family charts you printed for me.  Our reunion takes place every 3 years over the Labor Day weekend (Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday) in Visalia, California.  Folks come from all around the country to have fellowship and fun.  We have a large raffle, a huge dinner with music and special presentations, as well as a huge picnic with games, including a massive tug-of-war.  We hire a wonderful Mariachi orchestra that plays great cultural music.  When the sun shines you can expect to find the swimming pool in use (all the time).  One of the highlights of the Reunion is the display of our family charts.  People stream through the hotel lobby where the charts are displayed throughout the entire time.  The Lampliter is our headquarters hotel with other major hotels taking up the slack. Our attendance varies from 400-500 relatives.
Enjoy the photos."
400-500 relatives?!  That is incredible.  Take a look at some of their fun pictures:

We were so happy to help you, Michael!  I am so glad that we helped to make it a memorable reunion for you!

It is beyond rewarding to hear such amazing feedback from friends and customers.  We are so grateful for each and everyone of you.  With the Holiday seasons coming up, I hope we can help you make even more family memories.  Please contact us if you like what you have seen from our previous customers and let us help you create a special keepsake or gift.  And don't forget, our Early Bird sale is still running, but only until November 1st!  The sale is that you Buy One Chart, Get a Second Copy FREE!  That's a really good deal.  But it won't last much longer so contact us today!


Amanda said...

Janet, I thought you might like to know that when my sister-in-law took their canvas copy of the chart into an Austin (Texas) frame shop, the owner put it on display until they could come pick it up, and said that a number of people asked about it and copied down your company name! Hope that generates some more business for you!

Janet Hovorka said...

Wow, that's exciting to hear! Thanks, Amanda!