Tuesday, October 14, 2014

New Webpages to Highlight Our Graphics Options

So many new and exciting things are happening these days at Family ChartMasters!  I feel like we're getting into a great groove lately and to celebrate, why not show you some of the new enhancements "under the hood."  Interested?

I am extremely happy to announce a couple of things.  First and foremost, we've updated our graphics and embellishment page on the website.  It's running much faster and smoother these days.  Click on over and check it out.  Happy Dance #1.

In addition to our vast collection of frames, backgrounds, symbols, flags, and more, we've added new graphics.  That's right, NEW.  I always like new options.  We now have an assortment of military icons that can now be added to any chart.  Please take a look at all of the possibilities below:

Pretty awesome, right?  You can find these icons under the Embellishments tab on our Embellishment Gallery on our website.  Happy Dance #2.

We used these new military icons this summer in a beautiful chart for a wonderful client, K Baumann.  She highlighted the military service in her family by placing one of these icons over each person who had served.
We added military icons over each ancestor who served on this decorative chart for K. Baumann
We are excited about these new enhancements and offerings.  The website should be faster and easier for our clients to use now, allowing you to see all of the endless possibilities we could come up with for a personalized chart for you or someone you love.  Please contact us for a free consultation today.  The holiday season is fast approaching and we'd love to take care of some of those gifts on your list.  The Winter holiday season is one of our busiest times of the year, so the sooner you place an order, the better.  Our team is ready and excited to make your gift giving memorable and heartfelt this year.

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