Wednesday, August 24, 2022

A new genealogy research help you should take a look at: Goldie May

We met Richard Miller at the NGS conference in May and this seems like the research tool I would design.  He has lots of really useful tools, you need to especially see the Goldie May Subway Map 

If you like charts, you may like the visual approach to genealogy research provided by Goldie May's Subway Map. The Subway Map is a new timeline tool, showing both the time and place of your ancestor's life events. As timelines go, the Subway Map is a work horse, not a show horse. You can check the consistency of your work, find problem areas, and zero-in on new records. It integrates with your existing FamilySearch or Ancestry tree. 

In the past, the Subway Map was available through Goldie May subscriptions plans, but as of this week, the Subway Map is available to all Goldie May users 5 times per month for free. After choosing 5 individuals to research, you can use the Subway Map all month long with those people. 

But check it out: Goldie May has other free and paid tools that can help you in your research, such as an automatic research log (seriously, it keeps a log as you browse the Internet), project management & tasks, and the ability to save and restore all your browser windows and tabs.

Goldie May is being developed by Richard Miller. He previously worked in technology roles at three genealogy companies, but only recently started doing his own genealogy research. Goldie May is the tool he's building for his own research and hopes it's helpful to others as well.

Visit to learn more and get started.

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