Saturday, August 20, 2022

Crista Cowan charts

Have you met Crista Cowan?  She is the corporate genealogist at Ancestry and is known online as the "Barefoot Genealogist." She also has a really popular YouTube channel where she teaches about genealogy.  You can catch it at here. She's also a dear friend of mine.  So when she asked me to create a special chart just for her followers, I was super excited to do it for her.  She is an excellent researcher and really knows how to help people up their genealogy skills.  And what better research tool than a good chart?  

The first one she wanted to do was a color coded fan chart.  Crista has a special way of color coding your DNA matches to keep them organized and help you solve more genealogy puzzles.  You can get started and watch how she does it here.  So here's the chart we developed for her that exactly matches the colors and the system she uses:  
Now you can see the big picture while you are figuring out all those DNA puzzles. This chart is 7 generations, 24x36 and is perfect for hanging over your computer or in your office.  It's a beautiful bright representation of your family history.

Then, to just all around celebrate Crista's brilliant teaching career, we did a circle chart with her Barefoot Genealogist branding.  This chart gives you a a 10 generation view of your ancestry at 36x36--with slots for adding the new people as you find them.  And it is in Crista's beautiful colors.  

So head over to the Family ChartMasters' Set Style Charts page today and get yours ordered.  Since we designed these as some of our Set Style charts, they are super quick and easy.  Just upload your file, place your order and we'll send it right out to you.  Instructions on how to send us your file from Ancestry are included on the order page.

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