Saturday, February 4, 2012

Bringing the kids to RootsTech

I just had a flash of inspiration.

I had asked 15-year-old boy if there were any classes at RootsTech that looked interesting to him. He wasn't that enthralled, and in the busyness of this 9 week stretch of conferences, I didn't really push him. I had brought 11 year old girl up to help set up the booth and they were meeting people after the conference but that was about it. Someday I want to take them to classes--I have to walk the walk there. But it's not like they've never seen a genealogy conference.

But then I was thinking: a number of people have asked if they were going to get to meet my kids because they've been reading here about them. I realized on the drive home last night--I need to bring them not particularly for classes, but just to meet my genealogy family and get some feedback on our project from all of you. I love being with you all so much, and it's been so fun to talk to you all at this conference about my kids. I know you all are so excited about what we've been doing. Duh?!? I need to bring them today so that you can embrace them into our genealogy family.

So I need to ask a favor this morning. If any of you at RootsTech are reading, could you make a big deal out of my kids today? If you could tell them how awesome they are that they did this big project last Christmas, they would know that Mom isn't the only crazy one out there. Give them a big pat on the back for me ok?

You guys are so awesome. Like Josh Taylor said this morning on facebook: I'm sad RootsTech is almost over. It is so fun to be with you all.

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