Friday, February 3, 2012

Teenagers--Faked them out.

So the kids have caught wind that I'm thinking about writing a book. I haven't particularly told them the book is going to be about them. I don't want to spoil the unpredictable element of our teenage experiment. But they know I've been blogging about them. And I think they are starting to figure it out.

That's another reason to be thankful to Thomas MacEntee for making me rework my blog posts into a book about visiting Salt Lake City. I think it will fake them out and they'll forget that I'm writing about them in this blog. I've told them all about my new "book." And I'm hoping that will help them relax about the family history projects we've been doing.

Thank you to everyone who has been interested in my little Salt Lake Book. We've had over 300 downloads and I have a few copies of the printed book that you can get from us at the Family ChartMasters booth at conferences. It's still available at

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