Tuesday, February 7, 2012

My very own Super Bowl Party

Even though you may have already seen the posts by Banai Feldstein, Jill Ball, Amy Coffin, I have to show you my favorite pictures from RootsTech. Over the weekend I had the honor of hosting my very own Super (bowl) party with the Giants of the genealogy industry.
Paula Hinkel, Kim Van Aspern-Parker, Caroline Pointer, Banai Feldstein, Randy Seaver, Linda Seaver, Leo Meyers
Drew Smith, Christy Fillerup, Kimberly Powell, David Pugmire, Elissa Scalise Powell, Audrey Collins, Reed Powell, Lisa Louise Cooke
Banai Feldstein, Daniel Horowitz, Mark Olsen, Paula Hinkle

There was this moment in the evening when I walked into the Family Room and saw this: It's like my facebook page come to life and sitting in my family room! So cool. All these people I love and get to work with--right here in my own home. It was just so fun.
Luana Darby, Barbara Rennick, Paul and Sue Maxwell, Dear Myrt, Carrie Keele and her husband, Thomas McEntee, Denise Levenick, Jill Ball and her husband, Lisa Alzo, and the amazing Footnote Maven. All right here in my family room. How spoiled I was for one evening. How much I want to capture them all and keep them here :)
Colette and Barry Ewell and Nancy Shivley
Drew Smith, David Pugmire, Christy Fillerup, Kimberly Powell, Elissa Powell, Audrey Collins
Gordon and Janet Clarke
Kelly and Jim Erickson, Craig Scott, and Reed Powell

Jim and Kelly Erickson, Gordon and Janet Clarke, Anne Tanner, Sue Maxwell, Elissa Powell, Dear Myrt, Lisa Louise Cooke, and Thomas MacEntee.
James and Anne Tanner. And yes Kim made it too :) Somehow he avoided most of the pictures.

I'm so sorry to all the people I missed getting pictures of. But thank you all so much for coming. It was so so much fun to have you all in our home.

I have to profusely give Emily Park an overabundance of thanks for helping me pull this off. While I was speaking that morning, she was working hard getting everything ready and then was a fantastic help keeping everyone happy and fed. Her official position here at Family ChartMasters has now become "Finance Officer and Chief Party Planner." Although I must say that dipping chocolate raspberries and such in valentines sprinkles is pretty fun work. Just take a look:

If you didn't make it, please don't feel bad, just plan on coming the next time we do it. It was so very much fun I'm actually thinking we might do it again. How can I not want to do it again looking at all these pictures. Just pray that Emily is up for it :).


Amy Coffin, MLIS said...

Thank you again for the invitation. I still can't believe I saw the Family ChartMasters war room!

P.S. Those chocolate raspberries were incredible.

Janet Hovorka said...

It was so fun to have you there. I just wish I'd gotten a picture of you and Lisa and AC and his parents sitting in our offices. Now we're just here lonely without you :)