Thursday, February 2, 2012

Continuing the Teenage Project

So after we presented our project to my parents, and took everyone to the family history library, we had a family council and I asked them if they would be willing to do more family history. I gave them a couple of options, we discussed different times when we could work on it at home once a week, and talked about making a trip up to the library and going out to lunch once a month.

Guess What!!!
The kids agreed to continue our family history projects for an hour or two every Sunday morning (there seems to be the least complications then.) And once a month we're planning on going up to the library on Saturday morning (again, the least interruptions.)

So I asked them:
Why did you say yes?
"Because it will make you happy and distract you from our other evil plans."

Did it make you feel good?

From teenagers? I'll take it.

I'll say it again. Family History is like nutritious food. It may not be the most glamorous but it feels really good.

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