Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Annual Favorites 2022--And Even More Favorites

 As always, we've done some really beautiful charts this year.  And some of them just don't fit into a particular category--like the previous posts.  Here are a few more we wanted to share with you. 

This beautiful chart included the artwork of one of the descendants as the background for the tree.  What an incredible present and a great way to preserve and share the talents in your family!

This chart color coded several different sections of the family.  Our talented designers were able to fit all of this complicated family--which usually would have been a very wide chart--into a reasonable, frameable size.  But the information is still easy to follow because of the help that the color gives in understandability. 

This beautiful chart shows all of the children and ancestors of the main couple.  It includes crests for the two of the main family lines.  It utilizes the extra space where the ancestors are unknown to give the chart a title and some explanation.  The group photo on the bottom left completes the family story.

This family was able to obtain all of the photos for the current generation except one so we fit a silhouette in to complete the picture. 

This family didn't have any pictures to add to the chart but the silhouettes give it a classic feel anyway.  The grey tones are very popular right now and look modern but classic in any decor. 

We've already used this popular background again and again.  It is a great way to give it some color and a rich outdoorsy tree feel but it isn't too busy for a few pictures to be added for more interest.  Let us know if you want to try out this background too.  You're welcome to send in your information for a free consultation at and we can create a beautiful masterpiece for your family as well. 

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