Saturday, March 19, 2022

Annual Favorites 2022--Telling the Whole Story

Undoubtedly, our most spectacular charts are the ones that tell more of the story of a family.  These are a great way to share your family history with the people in your family who will never sit down and open a book or look at a computer with you.  And once again, we did some amazing charts last year that tell more of the story of a family.  Take a look at these:

This amazing chart shows the descendants of a Hungarian family.  The text in the top left describes the area they are from as well as the photo in the background.  The map in the top left has the village labeled and the town crest is included as well.  It fuses the branch of the family who immigrated to the US and their cousins who still live in Hungary into one amazing heritage. 

You don't even have to be related to this family to be engaged in the history of these people. With illustrations related to where and when they lived, maps, stories and color coding to show different branches of the family, this chart explains the synagogues, and religious artifacts of their history.  This type of chart would leave anyone asking to hear more about the stories of this family. 

If you want to tell the story of your family, let one of our designers help you.  It's super easy.  Just send the family information you have for a free consultation at  Our talented designers have lots of ideas about how to illustrate your past and tell all the details in a simple chart.  Let us help you get your amazing family story out where people can see it in a beautiful engaging way

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