Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Annual Favorites 2022-Direct Line Charts

 We've been launching our 2022 Annual Favorites on social media, in our gallery and over our newsletter.  I'm going to take some time here and show you why we chose these for our favorites.  To start with, let's look at some of the awesome direct line charts that we were able to help our clients create this year:

 This first chart is stunning with the watercolor tree in the background and the soft muted colors.  It shows a direct line for 10 generations but the beauty of this chart is the short biographical description of each person.  What a treasure this chart is for the family that created it.
 We get alot of requests to show royalty lines, but this chart was a special one because it starts on the bottom with all of the living descendants and then goes directly up to that royal line.  With all of the royal photos, it really engages the viewer with how the royal lines came together to form this family.

With 17 generations, this chart is unique in that it goes directly up the patriarchal line of both the mother and father's side of the family.  They both go back to families with crests, so they were integrated into the chart.  A bright colorful design.

You can start your own family masterpiece with us by sending your information in for a free consultation at http://familychartmasters.com/consult.  We'll assign you one of our talented designers who can work with you to create an heirloom masterpiece for your family.  You might even be chosen for next year's annual favorite collection.  We're looking forward to creating the perfect chart for you. 

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