Monday, March 21, 2022

Annual Favorites 2022-Cultural and Geographical Homelands

We love helping our users show of their heritage in unique and engaging ways.  And one of the things that most ties people to their heritage is their cultural and geographical heritage.  It is one of the ties that binds us back to our ancestors--that sense of belonging we have
Each family has a unique history and spreads throughout the world in a unique way.  The people who came together to create the family you have now may have come from many different places or just a few.  And the descendants of your ancestors may have spread out to many different places or they may have stayed in mostly the same place.
Expressing that geographical heritage through the places your family lived tells a unique story about their history.  If you find a family from Europe in the 20th century, you will have a very different history to tell then another family from say Africa or Asia or Latin America. 
Each heritage has unique circumstances and triumphs and tragedies to tell.  And each family has a rich heritage to be proud of.  Each of us have ancestors who survived against adversity and lived to tell about it.  If you haven't found your hero ancestors yet, you just need to keep looking. 
 And one of the things I love about family history the most is that it teaches us that we each have a little bit of the heroic and a little bit of the tragic inside ourselves.  The best kind of genealogy is the stories that are honest, and show the complicated nuances of our history.  There in that--that is something worth knowing and worth taking pride in. 


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