Thursday, March 17, 2022

Annual Favorites 2022--Beautiful and Unique Color Coding

One of our favorite things to do to make a chart more understandable and put more information, understanding and life into your family history is to add some color.  There are so many ways we can color code a chart.  And we can use bright colors or muted--whatever strikes your fancy.  Take a look at some of the amazing charts we color coded this year. 
This bright chart was color coded by place of birth.  With the vibrant colors, it engages the viewer to learn more about the history of this family.
This beautiful chart is color coded by country, but the countries are subtly explained on the bottom right under the title.  With its soft colors and tree imprint, this family tree is an eye-catching addition to the family's decor. 
The descendants of this amazing couple would have normally charted out to 24 feet wide, but by wrapping their descendants into three layers, we were able to get the chart down to 9 feet wide and 3.5 feet tall.  We color coded each child and their family so that the chart would be more understandable.  A great tribute to a large family and their ancestral beginnings.
This cute grandmother created three beautiful charts for her three beautiful grandchildren.  So engaging.  Now they have something to remind them of all the stories she tells them about their ancestors. 
This chart was exceptional, not only because of its bright colors but also because of its left to right descendancy format.  Color coding by generation makes its unique diamond format even more interesting. 
We loved this chart for its cool tropical colors and the integration of the map and places that the family lived.  With the palm trees in the back, you can almost feel the ocean breezes. 

These two charts were a fun new take on a fan chart.  The circles and contemporary font are perfect for a more modern decor.  Do you see how changing up the colors changes the whole look and feel of the chart?  Which one do you like better?
Finally, this chart is a simple left to right color coded by country and labeled by the flags of each country.  A simple, clean representation of the ethnicity of a person. 

You can get your own specially designed chart by sending in your information to us for a free consultation at  As you can see, we can create anything you can dream up.  And in any color too!  Let us help you create beautiful, engaging chart for your family and your home.


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