Friday, May 2, 2008

2 good reasons to fill out a blank chart

Yeah. There are only two good reasons that I can think of to fill out a blank chart.

1) To preserve the family's history in someone's writing. It would be nice to have a genealogy chart in Grandma's handwriting. That won't work for my grandchildren. They would probably rather have one they can read. But it might be a nice idea in your family.

2) You know I had another one--that you would understand a file better if you look at the details while you fill out a blank chart--but I think I would rather spend my time looking over an already printed chart, color coding and adding notations, and then moving on in the research.

So I guess I really only have one. People ask us for them, so we have them--in case your Grandmother wants a writing project. Or if you have another good reason, let me know.

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