Wednesday, May 14, 2008

All the fun at the NGS conference

I'm missing all the fun. Kim went to NGS without me this year and you know how much I love conferences. I appreciate all the people who Kim said have stopped by the booth to say they missed me. We decided I needed to hold down the fort this time. It is probably good that I have to organize more of the printing around here once in a while. (You know how I'm fond of that.) The home-based plotters and I are becoming better friends.

Kim reports it seems that the numbers are down from previous years. But he has enjoyed talking to lots of people. He said it was good to see Karen Clifford who is speaking, we haven't seen her for a while. He talked to David Lifferth with World Vital Records about how our promotion with them is going. It was good to get to know Ken Aubuchon at AGES-online better today and we'll be working with them further. And of course it is always good to talk to all the regular conference participants. Lots of good ideas flowing. He is looking forward fleshing out more of those ideas tomorrow.

And on the home front, I have a fun new car. Another one that I'm sure will take us to many conferences to come. Everything arrived great and we are sitting pretty now. It is Sweeeeeet. Life is sweeeeeet.

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